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Unique characteristics for
GCCT “Global Ceramic Construction Technology”
Developed with focus on strength, fire safety and durability.

Global–Constructions has developed a new and game-changing technology for building ecological and affordable housing that offers opportunities to produce fire-resistant, flexible, and super-insulated building components.

The technology is called GCCT "Global Composite Construction Technology" and provide opportunities for constructions that are more suitable for our world, a world that faces new and more challenges from nature and climate.


Advantages with the GCCT “Global Ceramic Construction Technology”

  • Environmentally Friendly.
  • Almost Maintenance Free.
  • Energy efficient.
  • Cost-effective investment.
  • GCCT is idea for all constructions.
  • Industrial made.
  • Ceramic Roof, Walls & Floor.
  • Integrated with VIC Super insulation.
  • Long life length.
  • High debris impact resistance > Up to 15 Mpa (Mega Pascal).
  • High Hurricane Resistance > Up to 5 scale hurricanes.

The angry nature

The world has experienced dramatic changes in the last 50 years. The population has more than doubled, the temperature on land and at sea has increased, the seismologic activities has increased more than five times, a common view after an earthquake is a big pile of rubble.

A building made of bricks or concrete cannot withstand its own weight when the ground is starting to shake. GCCT walls, reinforced with the Basalt Fibre Mats and Ceramic skins, will significantly improve the chances to survive even potentially disastrous earthquakes.

Global-Creations has in cooperation with British and Swedish scientists succeeded in creating a “flexible” concrete with a variable density which enables the production of extremely reliable constructions.


The GCCT “Global Ceramic Construction Technology” walls will not crumble like brick or traditional concrete walls normally do during an earthquake, the toughness and flexibility of the material makes it ideal for earthquake prone areas.

The low weight and the unique GCCT fusion technology dramatically improve the chances to survive and even have a functional home after a severe earthquake, GCCT has outstanding fire resistance properties due to the unique material composition in combination with sturdiness, flexibility, insulation and low weight.

The temperature resistance is considerable higher with Basalt Fibre mats reinforced GCCT up to 1 200 degrees Celsius compared to less than 700 degrees Celsius for steel and steel reinforced concrete.

“Global Secure–Homes”

Global-Constructions has developed a series of "Global Secure-Homes" suitable for the first chaotic period immediately after a catastrophic event such as an earthquake, flood or volcanic eruption.

"Global Secure–Home" is a temporary solution that is so much more humane after devastating disasters and can replace the usual tents that do not allow the suffering people to have a dignified life sometimes for a very long time.

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